Award Ceremony by the German Federal Environmental Foundation

The DBU funds innovative, exemplary and solution-oriented projects for the protection of the environment, with special consideration of small and medium-sized enterprises. The funding activities focus on environmental technology and research, nature conservation, environmental communication and protection of cultural assets.

Magdalene Artelt als Fräulein Brehm bei der Preisverleihung

Osnabrück. The winners of the nationwide competition BodenWertSchätzen can be named. 19 Lighthouse projects have been chosen by a jury from about 160 applications.

Special awards (5000 Euro award money) were given to Barbara Geiger (Berlin) and her project „Fräulein Brehms Tierleben“, the BioDorf Eichstetten (Baden-Württemberg), the Katholische Landjugendbewegung Deutschland (Bad Honnef, Nordrhein-Westfalen) and the Susila Dharma – Soziale Dienste (Hamburg). More information of al finalists can be found on:

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