To book a Frollein-show please contact

Barbara Geiger
Telephone: +49-30-12091785
Mobile phone: +49-177-8526099

Technical Requirements:

Projector, screen (alternatively a white wall), sound system (to play vocalisations of animals)

Occasions and possibilities for a Frollein Appearance:

Conferences, congresses, street festivals, school performances, celebrations, evening shows, shows in combination with scientific lectures, anywhere, anytime, the Frolleins will be there

The shows will last about 50 minutes. Short versions are also possible about 20 minute versions.

Frollein in schools
possible from 3rd grade
Duration 3rd/4th grade, approx. 90-100 min
Duration 5/6th grade, approx. 90 min
Duration 7-12th grade approx. 70 min

Max. number of kids: 60 3rd-6th grade
Max. number of kids: 80 7-13th grade

Public performances: no limitation. Suitable for everybody from the age of eight years.

Please remember: Performances can be perfectly combined with scientific lectures on animals or other related subjects.

Banking details for pre-booked tickets:
Stiftung Fräulein Brehms Tierleben gGmbH
GLS Gemeinsschaftsbank eG
IBAN DE74 430 609 67 112 695 1500