First Nights

In order of appearance:

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Canis lupus – The Wolf

World Premiere in the Winter of 2009 in Rietschen, Saxony

Foto: Sebastian Körner

Where exactly do wolves live in Germany, Austria and Italy, Switzerland, France? 

After being almost extinct wolves are showing the world what true protection of nature can mean.

But what about all these grim headlines painting a gruesome and blood thirsty picture in tabloids around the country? Little Red Riding Hood has something to answer for…

Frollein will reveal the European Champion in long distance running and explain how wolves can in fact protect sheep if trained properly by shepherds and their sheep.


Find out with Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals!

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Lyny lynx – The Lynx

World Premiere on the 21st of Oktober 2011 at the Museum Mensch und Natur, München.

Foto: Luchsprojekt Bayern

Lynx lynx is Europe’s little lion, a most precious species. So, the Frollein embarked on a journey to find out more about this secretive feline.

She travelled far and wide and returned with a suitcase full of marvels and wonders of the elegant cat. After almost one hundred years biologists have re-introduced the cats painstakingly in the Harz, in Rheinland Pfalz and even in the Bavarian Forest. And there is hope that they might find a peaceful and safe new home.

The noble audience will hear about deep insights into these most private of animals.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Ursus arctos – The Bear

World Premiere on the 1st of January 2012 at the Naturkundemuseum Ostbayern, Regensburg

Foto: Provincia Autonoma di Trento Servizio Flora e Fauna

The Swiss may have one again soon, die Austrians and Bavarians did have one and the Italians always had them, brown bears, Ursus arctos, no less. And the big brown creatures will continue to put on their traveling shoes creating havoc amongst humans the second they appear. 

Bears themselves are unperturbed by the commotion and the fuzz, preferring restful winter periods and after that, let’s mate! The rest is… feeding!

Frollein Brehm has found out – almost – all bear secrets during her research in Austria, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland. She entered dens and collected bears droppings, drying them in special ovens to find out their eating habits. All for the good cause of science and the interested public, of course.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Felis silvestris silverstris – The Wild Cat

World Premiere on the 3rd of December 2012 in München 

Frollein Leopoldina Emilia Brehm was portrayed by Lydia Starkulla

Foto: Thomas Mölich

She is a true European that one! Not unlike domestic cats, which originally stem from Egypt and there about. Felis silvestris silvestris swims across the Danube – no sweat – likes to go fishing and enjoys life in general very much. The only thing is or was, that the cats cannot get from A to B as easily as is their want. They are in great need of connecting with relatives again. So, some clever scientists and NGOs have decided to help the cats and other fellow creatures to be able to do just that, see each other again on family matters. 

Building green bridges was one part of the deal and it works a treat.

By the way, there is no point of trying to tame a wild cat, this is an absolute no can do! 

Watch out if you find darling little kittens in European forests, they might just turn out to be wild things – Roahhhhh!

Research of Frollein Brehms Tierleben Felis silvestris silvestris – The Wild Cat was supported by Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, in cooperation with the The Bund Naturschutz, Bildungswerk Regensburg e.V.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Lumbricus terrestris – The Earthworm, King of the Edaphon

World Premiere on the 21st of March 2013 at the, BerlinNatur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände.

Foto: Ruthe Zuntz

Frollein is not just a pretty face, she is heralding a new age of awareness by disclosing scientifically sound observances of modern field research and even some of her very own personal encounters with wild animals like earthworms.

Scientific research is central in her portrayals of animals. The plays are being constantly updated as results of field research pour in. Get closer to science than you have ever been before 

Earth samples in all their glory, plants, roots, tastings of exquisite humic soil, come just as naturally to Frollein’s presentation as the sampling of scents or vocal utterances of free living animals and much more.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Hymenoptera – Die wilden Bienen

World Premiere on the 15th of February 2014 at the Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände, Berlin

Foto: Andreas Meissner

Open your eyes and ears and all your senses to receive the news of a different planet right next to us.

The Frollein is off on a fancy journey into the World of wild bees.

Who would have thought that wild bees can be criminal, melancholic, and incredibly fascinating! There are exactly 19.844 wild bees accounted for scientifically. Mind you, thousands of wild bee things still have no scientific name…The names of the ones that are known though are pure poetry. 561 species live in Germany, even more 690 in Austria, the further South you go the more species can be found.

Enjoy a bee-trip of a lifetime!

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Phocoena phocoena – The Harbour Porpoise

World Premiere on the 30th of January 2015 at the Meeresmuseum in Stralsund

Foto: Sven Koschinski

Whereas we turned into creatures of the land, whales and dolphins decided to go back to where they came from the vast oceans of the planet. 

None other than the Frollein followed their paths and explored the deep blue Sea, accompanied once again by most renowned experts of the Baltic Sea. 

The Harbour porpoise is the only whale that put up camp in the Baltics, which makes him the perfect candidate to enter the Frollein repertory. And, yes, of course he also lives in the North Sea and all. And yes, also across the northern parts of the Atlantic, but as far as the Baltics go, he is the one and only!

The research of the production of Phocoena phocoena – The Harbour Porpoise was supported by the Bingo Foundation of Schleswig Holstein and Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Hirundo rustica – The Barn Swallow 

World Premiere on the 24th of March 2016 at the Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin.

Foto: Osvaldo Negra

It isn’t a big secret that swallow can fly, even that they can fly over vast distances. But did you know that they use barrels stuck in the sands of the Sahara hoping for shelter from sandstorms? That they feed on something called air plankton and that they have built in lights in their beaks?

Barbara Geiger travelled far and wide to get to the airy bottom of swallows’ world and she has come up with some astonishing answers live from those worldwide wind wanderers the barn swallow, flying acrobats and swift messengers and harbingers of changing seasons.

Barn swallows are true migrators, calling Europe and Africa their home.

Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals Luscinia luscinia – The Thrush and Luscinia megarhynchos – The Nightingale

World Premiere on the 24th of April 2016 at the Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin.

Foto: Barbara Geiger

The Meistersinger are among us and Frollein’s suitcase is full to the brim. Anything goes from umbrella manufactures to astrology, right down to nightly sighs and plucking girls from the heavens. 

Thrushes are the poets amongst Luscinias, they will sing according to their moods, changing their verses as they seem emotionally fit. Nightingales true to their names, will relentlessly sing and counter sing till the last fo the girls has landed.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Clupea harengus – The Herring

World Premiere on the 12th of March 2017 at the ITB, Berlin.

Foto: Barbara Geiger

This is the story of Clupea who went forth to build civilization as we know it today. Clupea harengus, individualist and swarmer, architect of cities and globetrotter, communication artist and threat to the national security of Sweden. 

Unstoppable Barbara Geiger alias Frollein Brehm faced seasickness in high seas, giving her all to dig deep into her tommy and the secrets of this truly big fish.

The research of the production of Clupea harengus – The Herring was supported by the Bingo Foundation of Schleswig Holstein and Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

Frollein Brehm‘s Life of Animals Bos primigenius taurus – The Cow

World Premiere on the 13th of May 2018 at the Muhseum in Wust, Altmark, Germany.

Foto: Hildegard Jedamzik

Dancing with bulls? Ask the Frollein!  How to speak Cow-aheli properly? Ask the Frollein! 

Even Chinese whisperings a la Bos primigenius taurus can be experienced. 

Along with kidnappings and candy-bars, fingernail-ballet and thundering news, the genres unfold in an unexpected and manifold way.

It’s all eyes and ears with cattle, more than you would ever imagined. We owe these gentle creatures big time, so let’s celebrate these fantastic ruminators, that even Rumpelstiltskin would be proud of!

Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals Sus scrofa – The Pig

World Premiere on the 7th August 2019 at the Hin&Weg Theater Festival in Litschau, Austria 

Foto: Barbara Geiger

Sisters are doing it, they have mastered the Art of dolce vita if you let them. 

Be it the aesthetics of scent, dancing boars or knightly duels? Pigs simply know how to live life to the full. Those and more surprises await you, when the Frolllein brings you the results of her search into these close companions of mankind.

The most curious creatures that Frollein has ever encountered. So have your wits about you when exploring the world of wild and domestic pigs a la Frollein Brehm. 

What would Columbus have done without them you might rightly ask. The World as we know it would not be possible without the cooperation of pigs. Let the Frollein guide you through the realm of these marvels and experience the individuation of a piglet… 

Welcome to Sus scrofa.

Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals Gallus gallus – The Chicken

Gallus premiered on the 7th of July 2021

They are the only living relatives of the famously extinct Tyrannosaurus rex!

They are birds of paradise, mathematical genius is at hand, when it comes to chicken. So, is it any wonder that the Frollein ventured far and wide to explore the secrets of these wondrous creatures? After all, the Frollein already explored the fantastic worlds of cows and pigs…

And just like chicken find every new day as amazing as never before, Frollein is curiously happy to show you the world of Gallus gallus – The Chicken.

Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals Tetrao urogallus – Capercaillie

Tetrao premiered on the 7th of September 2021 in Ulm, Bavaria

Foto: Giovanni Pelucchi

Tetrao urogallus has looked into the eyes of the aurochs way back when. More recently the Frollein has been making eyes at him… Tetrao urogallus, what a name for a bird, very theatrical! 

So the girl up and went to explore the world of Tetrao all over the place, in the Alps, Austria, Black Forest, even in Sweden, Italy, you name it she’s been there, done it, got the t-shirt. 

And just as hard as these birds are trying to survive this Anthropocene, the Frollein is trying to help them do just that.

Again she is accompanied by passionate scientists and seasoned lovers of Tetrao urogallus to find her way into the World Tetrao urogallus. Those ancient birds with their strange courtship, their majestic walk and a fascinating digestion system to boost are right up the Frollein alley.

Action movies were shot in Lapland staring female birds performing daring escape stunts and one lucky catch with Kitty Hen playing the lead. She now resides in the Babbener heathland in Saxony.

Frollein Life at its best. With deep scene insights and precious encounters. All the marvels of a life in science to be had. Broaden your horizons with Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals.