Felis silvestris – the wildcat

Foto: Thomas Mölich

She is a true European that one! Not unlike domestic cats, which originally stem from Egypt and there about. Felis silvestris silvestris swims across the Danube – no sweat – likes to go fishing and enjoys life in general very much. The only thing is or was, that the cats cannot get from A to B as easily as is their want. They are in great need of connecting with relatives again. So, some clever scientists and NGOs have decided to help the cats and other fellow creatures to be able to do just that, see each other again on family matters. 

Building green bridges was one part of the deal and it works a treat.

By the way, there is no point of trying to tame a wild cat, this is an absolute no can do! 

Watch out if you find darling little kittens in European forests, they might just turn out to be wild things – Roahhhhh!

Research of Frollein Brehms Tierleben Felis silvestris silvestris – The Wild Cat was supported by Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, in cooperation with the The Bund Naturschutz, Bildungswerk Regensburg e.V.