Phocoena phocoena – The Harbour Porpoise

Foto: Sven Koschinski

Whereas we turned into creatures of the land, whales and dolphins decided to go back to where they came from the vast oceans of the planet. 

None other than the Frollein followed their paths and explored the deep blue Sea, accompanied once again by most renowned experts of the Baltic Sea. 

The Harbour porpoise is the only whale that put up camp in the Baltics, which makes him the perfect candidate to enter the Frollein repertory. And, yes, of course he also lives in the North Sea and all. And yes, also across the northern parts of the Atlantic, but as far as the Baltics go, he is the one and only!

The research of the production of Phocoena phocoena – The Harbour Porpoise was supported by the Bingo Foundation of Schleswig Holstein and Mecklenburg Vorpommern.