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Dear Frollein-lovers,

If it get’s too dangerous to perform live, something we adore doing, we literally have to go virtually viral on Fräulein-TV auf Youtube!

Ever since the 21st of March 2020, we are online with Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals! But only as long as this paralyzing pandemic lasts. I am getting the English versions of the plays online asap, I promise!

Till then take care of yourself and others, keep safe and sound! Let’s carry on and live this life to the full under the circumstances!

Yours truly,

Frollein B.

To be continued…

As soon as we can open our theatre again in Berlin at the Natur Park Schöneberger Südgelände here is information about the price system we installed there.

The more you earn the more you pay, the less you earn the less you pay! It’s simply the fairest ticket pricing you can find in the entire world.

Check it out: pricing system (german)

Frolleins are doing it!

We are performing throughout the country, Europe and the World, if you book us and the pandemic let’s us!!

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