Sus scrofa – The Pig

Foto: Barbara Geiger

Sisters are doing it! They have mastered the Art of dolce vita if you let them.

Be it the aesthetics of scent, dancing boars or knightly duels? Pigs simply know how to live life to the full. Those and more surprises await you, when the Frolllein brings you the results of her search into these close companions of mankind.

The most curious creatures that Frollein has ever encountered. So have your wits about you when exploring the world of wild and domestic pigs a la Frollein Brehm.

What would Columbus have done without them you might rightly ask? The World as we know it would not be possible without the cooperation of pigs. Let the Frollein guide you through the realm of these marvels and experience the individuation of a piglet…

Welcome to Sus scrofa.